Kaohsiung – Old School Taiwan

27 09 2007

We started our visit to Taiwan in Kaohsiung (Gao Xiong), where we have lots of family.  The Kaohsiung airport was a breeze; our luggage was delivered quickly and customs and immigration were a nonevent.  Best of all, there were no lines!

Kaohsiung is the second city of Taiwan, often in the shadow of the glitzy capital city of Taipei.  In addition to being the second largest city in Taiwan (and one of the largest container ports in the world), Kaohsiung is also the stronghold of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), aka the pro-independence green party.  The primary language spoken here is Taiwanese.  When mandarin is spoken, it is heavily accented by Taiwanese.  Kaohsiung is often overlooked because it’s not as tourist friendly for Westerners.  English is not as prevalent as in Northern Taiwan, and there are not as many tourist attractions.  However, coming to see this city will give visitors a glimpse into a completely different, more intense view of Taiwan. 

When I think of Kaohsiung, my mind brings up fond memories of summers spent with my extended family as a child.  Thus, a lot of our visit in this city consisted of visiting memories.  We did some sightseeing too, but that will be in the next post.

Liu He 2nd Street

Liu He 2nd Street

Liu He

Liu He

Morning Market

Morning Market


My Favorite Bawan Stand

Bawan Stand

Bawan (Taiwanese for Rou Wan, or directly translated as Meat Ball), a Taiwanese delicacy and popular street food, is a ball of steamed rice dough usually stuffed with meat, mushrooms, and bamboo shoots.  Sometimes there is also garlic involved, and there are regional variations to this dish.  This is my favorite Taiwanese food, and oh my goodness it was good.  So good I had it two days in a row.  Charles also thought it was delicious, and said it was the best thing he had in Taiwan in terms of food.

Here is a freshly made batch of bawan.

Batch of Bawan

My soon to be devoured Bawan in sauce.


A pretty apartment building.

Aparment Courtyard


Next: Sightseeing in Kaohsiung




6 responses

27 09 2007

if you know where we could get bawan in chicago, could you please, pretty please bring me there?!?

27 09 2007

There is only one place I know of that serves bawan in the Chicago area. It’s in this small shopping strip in the suburbs that has a bunch of Asian stores. I think it’s called Ting Ho.

Better yet, next time my mom brings me some from Maryland, I’ll invite you over!

27 09 2007

hahah. now we have the invitation down in black and white. won’t let you forget that! 😀

27 09 2007
Todd Alperovitz

Kaohsiung may not have as many tourist attractions… but there are some real gems there.

3 12 2008
Kaohsiung - Sightseeing « Travels with Sandy

[…] Kaohsiung – Old School Taiwan […]

28 02 2011

Fun place to visit. Of course, most attraction, its food!

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