Taiwan’s Team

24 08 2007

Here’s a picture of the entire Taiwan little league team. Some local Taiwanese Americans went to meet them at the airport to welcome them to the US. I would have gone too if I were on the east coast!

Taiwan Little League Team

The team looks so cute in their suits and ties!

Photo Credit: CTC


Taiwan’s Little League Team

23 08 2007

Li-Shing, Taiwan’s little league team that hails from Taichung, Taiwan, came to the US this month as champions of the Asia-Pacific region to compete in the Little League World Series in Williamsport, PA. My dad went to Williamsport on Sunday to see them play against Holland in the Little League World Series. He sent me a couple of pictures that he took at the game. Taiwan, or Chinese Taipei as they are called in this league, won 11 to 1 in Sunday’s game.

The Taiwan fans came out in force:
Taiwan Crowd

Here’s the pitch!


#3 hits


#10 pitches

#10 pitch

#10 pitch 2

Li-Shing/Taiwan/Chinese Taipei/Asia Pacific went on to beat Mexico in the next game before facing Japan in the semi-finals.

I don’t really follow sports in general, but I think it’s great Taiwan is known for something like Little League. If anyone knows the names of these players whose pictures I have posted, let me know! Thanks.

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