A Traditional Taiwanese Family Home

8 10 2007

Since we were in the area, we stopped by the family compound to pay our respects to my ancestors.  This is a traditional Chinese family home and features two courtyards – an inner one and an outer courtyard next to each other – that are ringed by outer buildings.  The courtyard buildings are mostly shared by the greater family, while individual families live in the outer buildings.  My dad grew up here and my immediate family used to live in one of the outer buildings before we moved to the city.  My aunts and uncles still live in some of these buildings, although my grandparents moved out when they built their house.  I’m not sure exactly how old these buildings are, but I know my family has been in Taiwan since the Ming Dynasty.

Family Home

The Outer Courtyard

Outer Courtyard

Family Home

View to the Left

View to the Left

View to the Right

View to the Right

The family is in the process of restoring the family compound.  The outer courtyard was restored first.

The Inner Courtyard

Inner Courtyard

Inner Courtyard

As you can see, some of my relatives are still living here.  The family members who live here try to keep things clean and neat.


The alley connecting the outer buildings. 

Outer Buildings

Another courtyard is situated next to the inner courtyard, but it was abandoned as more and more branches of the family moved to the cities for more opportunities.  Hopefully it will be preserved, as it holds historic and personal meaning, but in the meantime I am preserving it in pictures.

Overgrown Courtyard

Old Doors

Old Courtyard

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25 10 2007
MJ Klein

i would love to live here!

12 09 2018
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A Traditional Taiwanese Family Home | Travels with Sandy

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