Halo 3 Premiere

25 09 2007

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! 

Since today is the worldwide premiere of Halo 3, I thought it would be appropriate to post these pictures I took while in Taiwan.  It seems that Halo 3 was much anticipated in Taiwan, since these displays were up on Friday and Saturday.

Here is the Halo 3 display in the underground mall at Taipei main station.

 Halo 3 Display

When we passed by the next day, a group of Halo 3 dancing girls were there too.  I love the guys behind them who are just as enthusiastic in their dancing.

Halo 3 Girls

There were also three stages set up on the street level outside Taipei main station, near the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi shopping mall that were also Halo 3 related.  Since it was raining pretty hard, I didn’t get a picture.

And, for the other gaming geeks out there, here is an ad for the World of Warcraft in Taiwan.  We saw this, of all places, on a random street in Lukang.

WOW Taiwan




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