New York City: A Small Bite of the Big Apple

16 05 2008

Since NYC is so well known, no introduction is needed. I’ve been to the Big Apple several times but believe it’s still nice to visit (although I would never want to live here because of the astronomical real estate prices). I was only in town for 24 hours for work, but still managed to snap some quintessential NYC pictures. You can click on the photos for a larger view.

Our aircraft approached Manhattan from the south and we were rewarded with this view.

NYC Skyline

As we neared LaGuardia, this manhattan skyline pulled into view. I love that you can see the Empire State Building.

NYC Skyline

On my way to my meeting, we passed by Times Square. Here’s a view from my cab window.

Times Square

I took a short stroll around midtown before heading to the airport. Here’s Grand Central Terminal.

Grand Central

I did manage to squeeze in some food in Flushing (Taiwan/Koreatown in Queens) before leaving. I sampled Lu’s Seafood House (66) for some Taiwanese fare and Joe’s Shanghai for some Xiaolongbao. Both were delicious! Be aware that NYC’s Chinatowns only accept cash.

On my flight home, I managed to snap this photo of the beautiful shoreline of Chicago. It is a great contrast to NYC.

Chicago Skyline




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