Review: TS Hotel in Ximending

7 12 2007

On the recommendation of forumers from tripadvisor’s Taiwan message board, we stayed at the Ta Shun Hotel (TS Hotel), a modest hotel located on Hanzhong Street near Changsha Street. We found the rooms to be very clean and equipped with every convenience. Every room came with a flatscreen LCD TV (of course, since this IS Taiwan) with cable, a refrigerator, a hot water heater for tea, and a free high speed internet connection. Best of all, the location one block from the Ximen MRT stop could not be beat.

TS Hotel

The hotel’s decor is modern and quintessentially Asian. I’m not sure why heart pillows are so popular in Taiwanese hotels.

TS Hotel

Can you tell where the bathroom is? Hint: It is on the right side of the picture above.

TS Hotel

When closed, the bathroom door blends right into the wall.

TS Hotel

The bathroom was spotless, and every room has a spa shower. I love figuring out hotel bathrooms in Asia. Many of the newer hotels are equipped with the latest in bathroom technology. The shower was a little complicated to figure out at first, but it was worth it.


The room charge includes free breakfast every morning in the dining room off the lobby. We only used our vouchers once, since we wanted to eat as many different foods as possible in Taiwan. Breakfast consisted of a small buffet with rice porridge and side dishes, in addition to toast, jam, and butter.

There is a convenience store across the street, and it is literally 1.5 blocks away from the Ximending pedestrian area. About a block away on the way to the Ximen MRT station, there is a 85 degree bakery cafe. Todd from The Daily Bubble Tea translated one of their menus in this fun post.


Overall, we were pleased with our stay here. The hotel was clean, the staff was helpful and polite, the price was right, and the location was extremely convenient. I am very thankful we found such a good recommendation from the experts on the tripadvisor forum!

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Ta Shun Hotel – TS

No. 170-172, HanZhong St., Taipei, Taiwan


The hotel is currently running promotional room rates ranging from NT$1,080 for a single room to NT$2,380 for a double room, and there are several types of rooms in between.




11 responses

8 12 2007

does the bath room comes with a bath tub?

8 12 2007

Our room did not come with a bathtub. I’m not sure if they have some rooms that do, though! The shower was really nice though. Actually, I think I will upload a picture of the shower area.

8 12 2007

Good pics of TS Hotel, n yes, that’s the yummy 85 degrees cakes. Thks for sharing Sandy! πŸ™‚

We enjoyed a wonderful 6-nites stay in TS in yearend 2006. Had a bathtub in our ensuite bathroom. Though U didn’t get one for yr suite, hope U had enjoyed the rain bath & massage shower panel.
TA. πŸ™‚

9 12 2007


i have a few qns to ask u..
hope u can furnish me with the relevant information..
Cos i having my trip in Jan.. And i seen ur photos & forums replies very detailed & clear, I really like to know more information & tips..
Hope u can help me..

1) You fly from Singapre? Fly Jetstars?
2) how to travel from CKS airport to TS hotel?
3) via freego bus? How much? How to alight when we have reached?
4) Did u only just stay in Taipei (hotel book only from TS?) No other states?

Sorry if i asked so much.. But i am contactable at my email as well.


10 12 2007

Evon: I actually flew to Kaohsiung from the US and took the train to Taipei, but I did a quick search on Tripadvisor’s Taiwan forum and found this info.

1) Jetstar seems very popular on the Taiwan forum, as it is inexpensive and convenient.
2 and 3) From CKS airport to TS, there are two ways. You can take the Freego bus, which will stop at TS Hotel for NT$135 or you can take the Guoguang public bus to Taipei Main Station and then take either the MRT to Ximen station or take a cab. The reason you might take the public bus is that it comes more frequently than the Freego. Tell the cab driver the hotel is near Changsha Street.
4) We stayed in Taipei, Kaohsiung, and near Changhua in Central Taiwan. In Kaohsiung, we mainly stayed with relatives, although we stayed at the Grand Hi-Lai for one night. In Changhua, we stayed at a minsu. If you click on “Central Taiwan” in the tag cloud at the right of this page, you can see a review of the minsu (Hua Su Guesthouse).

The Taipei/Taiwan forum on Tripadvisor has a wealth of information, and I highly recommend you browse through the posts if you have not already. It will help you plan your trip.

Enjoy your trip in January!

10 12 2007

Thanks for the comment, TA! I always enjoy your posts on Tripadvisor.

12 12 2007

Just walked by the hotel yesterday – didn’t realize how close it was to my apartment! Based on your recommendation, I think I’ll definitely put visitors there from now on. And I didn’t realize the Freego bus came by here. Before I moved, I would take the Guoguang and grab a cab at Taipei Main. Looks like I know how I’m getting to and from the airport on my next trip. πŸ™‚

12 12 2007

Wow that’s a nice hotel. We stayed at a dump in taipei County last year for the same amount. It had been a nice place back in 2003 but had since turned into a hot sheets hotel. Maybe we’ll try this place next time.

19 12 2007

is ur room superior or deluxe?

19 12 2007

I believe we were in a deluxe suite, room 507.

4 09 2009

Just an update – I spoke to TS Hotel recently while I was in Taiwan and they said that the Freego bus no longer picks up in front of the hotel. Instead, I would recommend taking the MRT/Guogang bus combo to and from the airport. The Guogang bus terminal is across the street from Taipei main station. If you are facing the Shin Kong dept store after leaving Taipei main station, it is to your right.

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