Christmastime in NYC

24 12 2008

Although I’ve been to NYC many many times in my life, I had never gone during Christmas time.  It was wonderful to be able to wander around Manhattan taking it all in, in spite of the cold.  Since there is so much information on NYC out there, I thought I would just share some photos.

You can’t go to NYC in December without stopping by the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center. It was smaller than I had imagined, but looked just like it does in the movies.

Rockefeller Center

Just around the corner was the NBC studios at 30 Rock.

NBC Studios

With the tree at your back, you can see Saks on Fifth Avenue.

View of Saks & Co from Rockefeller Center

Fifth Avenue is arguably the most glamorous shopping street in the world.

View of Fifth Avenue

Because you really need a 5 story Louis Vuitton Store.

The Sephora on Fifth Avenue is much more beautiful than the one on the Champs Elysee.

Beautiful windows on Fifth Avenue

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

A view from Central Park of 59th Street:

Central Park

Wouldn’t it be nice to stay at the Plaza?

Plaza Hotel

A dose of culture at the Metropolitan Museum of Art:

The Met

Temple of Dendur

Statue of Horus

Cat Statue in the Egyptian Wing

Tiffany Moonstone Necklace

A taste of European splendor in NYC (European Decorative Arts)

Perseus holding Medusa’s Head, Greek & Roman Statues Hall

New York City at Night:

Times Square

Rockefeller Center




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