Germany: Freiburg Part 2

24 09 2008

This post about Freiburg is continued from Germany: Freiburg Part 1.

After circling the market square, go back to your entrance point and head away from (south of) the Munsterplatz on Eisenstraße.  Then turn left onto Schusterstraße.  Go down about a block and then turn right onto Augustinergasse.  Continue on this street until you reach Augustinerplatz.

If you would like a coffee or need a clean bathroom, stop by Aran Cafe just before you reach Augustinerplatz.

Aran Cafe, with Augustinerplatz in the background.

Some yummy coffee drinks and hot chocolate from nearby Aran cafe on the Augustinerplatz.

Augustinerplatz is a large cobblestone square in the middle of the old city that is surrounded by shops and cafes.  It was so clean and pretty it looked like it came straight out of the nearest Disney movie!  The former site of an Augustine monastery, Augustinerplatz is popular with tourists, students, and locals alike.


A courtyard of one of the many quaint shops in the Augustinerplatz.

After visiting Augustinerplatz, backtrack a little and turn right onto Salzstraße.  Stroll all the way down this pretty street until you reach the end of the road at the Schwabentor, the Swabian Gate.


A view of the Schwabentor and the Hotel Bären.

The pink building in the above photo on the right contains the oldest restaurant in Germany, now part of the Hotel Bären.  There has been a restaurant in this location since the 1100s.  The elaborate sign with the golden bear proclaims this is the oldest restaurant in Germany.

Once you arrive at the Schwabentor, look for a staircase just to the left.  Take these stairs and proceed across the wooden bridge.  From here it is just a short vertical hike to the Schlossberg where you can see some magnificent views of the city.  Just follow the trail/crowd.  For those who are tired, if you go straight right after the bridge, there is an elevator inside the cave that takes you about 1/3 way up to the beer garden that overlooks the city.   By the way, this is a good beer garden according to M.

Another view of the Schwabentor.

Bridge to the Schlossberg, facing the city.

View of Freiburg from the Schlossberg.

Closeup of some houses.

The city of Freiburg is surrounded by the Black Forest.

There are a lot of paths on the Schlossberg if you like to bike or hike.  Lots of locals come here because it’s easy access to the Black Forest.

One of the many paths on the Schlossberg.   We took this one to get down the hill.

After returning from the Schlossberg, take the first road/alley on the right called Konviktstraße after you come back down the stairs.  This is, in all of our opinions, the cutest and most picturesque street in Freiburg. It is a very small pedestrian only street that features boutiques and cafes that has ivy strung between the buildings. Although it’s not on our way to the next destination, it is worth the detour to walk down this street.

After you reach the little square at the end of Konviktstraße, take a left onto Münzgasse, which turns into Schusterstraße.  Turn left onto Augustinergasse, where you will then go through Augustinerplatz again.  This time, turn right at the end of Augustinerplatz onto Gerberau.  Walk about a block and turn left onto Gerbersteg.  Then make an immediate right onto Fischerau.

This is a little street that is almost an alley that has a small river running through it.

The houses come right up to the little river.

The house below has a little fountain emptying into this stream.

This house is decorated in a very interesting way with the vines.

Just before the end of this street on the left is a gourmet honey shop that sells the best honey in Germany.  You can go in and try over 30 varieties of honey.  They were very good and we got several jars of honey to take home.  They also honey soap, candy, and candles, among other things.

Once you reach the end of this street, it empties you onto Kaiser-Joseph-Straße and you will see the Martinstor to your right.

The famous Martinstor, one of the original city gates of the walled city of Freiburg.

Notice the fancy McDonald’s sign.  This is the beginning of the pedestrian zone.  From here, the university is to your left and there is a Citibank to your right.  There is also great coffeeshop with a small bakery located under the arch.

This is the end of my Google maps tour, but if you want to make a full loop back to the university like we did, just take the street you see straight ahead when you come out of the alley with the river.  Or if you are facing Martinstor, it is the street to the left of you.

Assembly/Lecture Hall at the University of Freiburg.

Freiburg was my favorite city of all the ones I visited.  As you can see, it has a little bit of everything I love about Germany, from the medieval town center, to the tidy streets, to the unique features like the Bächle, to the University, and of course to its location on the edge of the Black Forest.  I am glad that L has found such a wonderful temporary home while she is in school.  I hope to come back to visit soon!




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