Chicago: Public Enemies Filming at Night

16 06 2008

A few weeks ago, my neighbor and I decided to try to catch actual filming of the Public Enemies movie at night. We couldn’t get very close to the action, but I did snag some interesting shots. People involved with the film told us that Christian Bale and Johnny Depp were there, but we were unable to catch a glimpse.

Click on the photo for a closer view of the Biograph Theater.

The film crew filmed a few days at this location. We were there on May 29. I am guessing that they were filming the scene when John Dillinger gets shot.

For a daytime view of this street all set up for the filming, see my previous post on Public Enemies.

We were able to see some of the props from the movie, though, including several of these beautiful period automobiles.

I was even able to take a short video of the filming. In this clip, you can see the period cars driving around and around the block in order to simulate a busy street at night.

Alas, we were unable to get closer to the actual filming, which was taking place about a block away. I guess they really wanted to keep the screaming fans away from Johnny and Christian.




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