Kaohsiung – Lotus Lake

29 09 2007

On our first full day in Kaohsiung, we visited Lotus Lake, which is located near the Zuoying THSR station. I thought it was a delightful trip, although we weren’t entirely used to the weather yet. It was also a bit cloudy that day.

We started at the Dragon-Tiger Pavilion and worked our way down to the Confucius Temple.

Unfortunately, the Dragon-Tiger Pavilion was under renovation. For good luck, you are supposed to enter the dragon and exit the tiger.

Dragon-Tiger Pavilion

A view of the Dragon-Tiger Pavilion from the Wuli Pavilion.

Lotus Lake

Here we approach the Spring Autumn Pavilion and the Wuli Pavilion on the pier.

Wuli Pavilion

The Spring Autumn Pavilion consists of two towers surrounding a statue of Guanyin on top of a dragon.

Spring Autumn Pavilion

Turtles in the pool where the dragon sits.


We saw this Chinese version of the fortune teller in a box that you often see at American carnivals. We had to try it. You put $NT10 in the machine and think of your question really hard.

Fortune Teller Machine

Then this lady comes out and drops your fortune that is rolled up in a tube in the slot.

Fortune Teller Machine 2

Apparently you are supposed to pick a topic for your fortune, and the paper you get is organized by topic. My aunt read my fortune and said it was good. Of course, every single fortune you get in this machine is good.

We entered the dragon, which goes into a tunnel where the walls are garishly painted with Chinese gods. Inside there were piles of religious books that were free of charge. There was even a comic book version. I should have took one just for fun, but the heat was getting in the way of my thinking.

Qiming Temple and the Spring Autumn Pavilion from the Wuli Pier

Spring Autumn Pavilion 2

Inside the Wuli Pavilion on the water – you can see the Beiji Xuantian Shang Di Pavilion

Inside Wuli Pavilion

A picture of the painted walls inside the Wuli Pavilion

Wuli Pavilion 2

The next stop around the lake was the Beiji Xuantian Shang Di Pavilion, which has a large painted statue of the Emperor of the Dark Heaven. We were getting really hot at this point, so we didn’t stay long.

Supreme Emperor of the Dark Heaven

My uncle was telling me the story of the Emperor of the Dark Heaven (Xuantian Shang Di), which is a very interesting tale. From what I can understand and what I remember, the Emperor of the Dark Heaven was once an ordinary butcher. He felt repentant for killing so many pigs, however, that he did good deeds to make up for it the rest of his life. When he died he was raised to the status of a god for his good deeds. At some point he was given a sword or maybe just a scabbard, which he used to banish the monster kings from the human world, which are represented by the snake and turtle under his feet. This god is able to control the elements, especially fire. I think I messed up the story a little there, so I am open to any corrections.

Our last stop at Lotus Lake was the Confucius Temple, which was the most impressive part of Lotus Lake, in my opinion. The Confucius Temple is one of Taiwan’s largest, and is an impressive complex of buildings. It is hard to describe so I will just post pictures.

Outside Confucius Temple

Gates of Confucius Temple

Approaching Confucius Temple

On Sundays, people gather on the grounds to dance with each other.

Dancing on temple grounds

A side gate

Side gate

Gate to the central temple complex

Confucius Temple Gate

The Confucius Temple on Lotus Lake

Confucius Temple

To the Right

To the Left

Inside the Confucius Temple

Inside Confucius Temple

Ceilings and Art

View from Temple toward the entrance from which we came

Opposite View

Another picture of the Temple complex

Another View of the Confucius Temple

All in all we really enjoyed this trip. Although some parts of the pavilions were rather garish and cheesy (like the fortune teller), it was a fun morning to poke around the different temples and pavilions. Charles and I especially liked the Confucius Temple, which was not cheesy at all.




6 responses

30 09 2007

Hey, despite the setback you experienced from the Typhoon, you got to see quite a lot. The pictures are really nice, it certainly contrasts the grey skies I get over here. I hope to visit Taiwan sometime soon!

1 10 2007

This is a beautiful post Sandy. I was just in Zuoying last week but we didn’t have any time to do any sightseeing. Now I’m seeing what I missed! My next trip to Southern Taiwan will certainly include Lotus Lake.

3 11 2007
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28 12 2007

Sandy — great pics, when were the Spring and Autumn pagodas at Lotus Lake in Tsoying renovated? Was it just a paint job I wonder or more extensive. I wish to go back someday.

28 12 2007

Lew – I’m not sure when the Spring and Autumn pagodas were renovated. I just know that the Dragon – Tiger pavilion was under renovation when we were there in September.

Thanks for your comment!

15 02 2009
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