More places to see in Taiwan

5 09 2007

Given our limited time, we had to forgo visiting many places we wish we had time to see in Taiwan. If time allowed, we would also visit these places:

Tainan (my biggest regret, but I have been there twice before)
Sun Moon Lake (at the Lalu no less, gee I wonder why we are not going)
Yeliu/Yeliou and generally more of the North and Northeast National Scenic Areas
and more…

Instead, I will leave you with a few photos and links to find out more about these places.

Tainan is the old capital of Taiwan, and is full of interesting temples and alleys. This city has great atmosphere, and reflects a lot of old Taiwan. Michael Turton has blogged quite a bit on Tainan, including these excellent posts: Dawn to Dusk in Tainan and Temples and Alleys in Tainan.

Sun Moon Lake (Ri Yue Tan) is widely considered one of the most beautiful landscapes in Taiwan. Todd went to Sun Moon Lake as part of a greater trip to Central Taiwan. The Lalu is the only 5-star luxury hotel in Taiwan, and it is sumptuous. If only we could afford the price tag! See pictures of Lalu here.

Sun Moon Lake
Photocredit: Hsu Ming-chao for Taiwan Govt Information Office

Sun Moon Lake

Kenting is the southernmost tip of Taiwan and a popular beach resort town. Hanjie posted some pictures here.


Kenting Beach

Yeliu (Yeliou) is on the North Coast of Taiwan, and features some beautiful rock formations on the beach caused by erosion.

Yeliu / Yeliou
Photocredit: Wu Ci-jhang for Taiwan Govt Information Office


Alishan is the home of a historic narrow-gauge rail line that takes passengers up the mountain from rice paddies to evergreen and alpine forests. At the summit, you can gaze across the “sea of clouds” that is reminiscent of the view on the top of Mount Haleakula in Maui.

Photocredit: Michael Cannings


Yangmingshan National Park is a popular day trip from Taipei, and features dormant volcanoes, hot-spings and lots of hiking.

Am I forgetting any other great sights?




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26 10 2009

Very nice images!

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