More Batman Pictures

25 08 2007

I was alerted by Charles that they were filming a scene from Batman yesterday, so I headed over to see the hubbub and for lunch just north of the Chicago Board of Trade on LaSalle St. This is what I found: a movie scene set up for a policeman’s funeral. There were GPD (Gotham Police Department) vehicles, a stage with very nice flowers, and tons of GPD officers. A GPD Swat team also stood nearby.

The scene was set up right in front of the CBOT and next to the Chicago Federal Reserve building.

GPD vehicles

It started raining, so they had to cover up the seats. Notice the bagpipers sitting on stage.

Funeral stage

Since this was such a big funeral set up, and this was before Gordon becomes commissioner, I am guessing that this is Gordon’s predecessor’s funeral.

And no, I did not see Christian Bale. Or Morgan Freeman.

If you haven’t seen my previous pics from the filming of Batman: The Dark Knight, scroll down a couple of posts or click on the word “Batman” in the tag cloud on the right side of the page.




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