Batman Pictures

20 08 2007

The Dark Knight, the new batman flick, has been filming in Chicago the entire summer. The film has mostly been filmed in the Loop, Chicago’s business district, and the old Post Office building just south of the Loop. Since I work in the Loop and love Batman, I have been trying to get glimpses of the filming all summer. After hearing about all the sightings in the area, I finally dragged my husband around one weekend and took a bunch of pictures of some Batman sets. These props from the movie are just lying out in plain sight all around Chicago.

Gotham Police Car

Gotham Police Car

A Burned Out Helicopter Shell Under the “L” tracks

Burned Out Helicopter

The Old Post Office Building, aka Gotham Bank

Old Post Office Bldg

An Overturned Truck


A close-up… it’s a circus truck. How interesting…

Joker's Truck?

Seeing the movie filmed in Chicago is so exciting – I can’t WAIT until this movie comes out. The only bad thing is that I haven’t seen Christian Bale yet. THAT would totally make my day!!




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21 08 2007
Todd Alperovitz

Love the circus truck!

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