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9 08 2007

Just wanted to write a quick post highlighting some other great Taiwan travel and photo blogs.

Exploring Taiwan! is an extensive travel journal detailing a two week vacation to Taiwan written by Keong from Singapore.  There are some great examples of outdoor/hiking/backpacking activities to do in Taiwan.  Taiwan is a very popular vacation destination for Singaporeans, as evidenced by their overwhelming representation on the TripAdvisor Taiwan message boards!

Craig Ferguson posts on Lukang, an old preserved harbor village outside of Changhua (also written as Lugang).  These beautiful photos are accompanied by lots of useful information and history.  Craig is a professional photographer.

David on Formosa is a popular Taiwan blog with lots of interesting posts and photos.  Check it out!

Lee Wei-I’s Kaohsiung photos on Flickr.  This is a shout-out to my mother’s hometown, Kaohsiung (i.e. the OTHER big city in Taiwan).  Lee Wei-I is a very talented Taiwanese photographer who lives in Taipei.  I found his Flickr photos by chance one day by googling Kaohsiung and was really impressed.  He has several photo collections and is a favorite among Flickr users.




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14 08 2007


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