The Big Island – Pololu Valley

29 07 2007

Note: We went to Hawaii in August 2006. To start from of the beginning of this series of posts, see the post titled “The Big Island (Hawaii) – August 2006.”

On the northeast part of the island is a chain of 7 lush valleys. Pololu Valley is the northernmost valley and can be reached by road. On the way to Pololu Valley you pass through the town of Hawi. We stopped by this town to have lunch at Bamboo (pictured in the previous post) and some shave ice at Tropical Dreams before arriving at Pololu Valley.

On the drive to Pololu Valley, you pass through these green hills.

Near Waimea

Looking down into Pololu Valley

Pololu Valley

As you hike down, you are greeted with expansive views of the lush valley. It is about a 20 minute hike down a steep path. A fellow hiker gazes across the valley.

Pololu Valley

When you get to get to the bottom, you can frolick on the black sand beach. Swimming is not recommended.

Black Sand Beach
On the inland side, there is a view of the river crossing through the valley.

Pololu Valley

Unfortunately, it takes at least twice as long to climb back up to the parking lot.

Pololu Hike

Although this hike is not too strenuous, we were sweating when we made it back up to our car. Fortunately, an entrepreneurial man was selling coconuts on the side of the road. We picked a coconut for him to machete, and were able to enjoy a nice cold drink. I highly recommend this hike, as it was the best free activity we did on the island. Exploring is encouraged here.

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